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The Techpack contains all the relevant information for your garment producer or manufacturer and is preferably made by a professional to avoid misunderstanding and mistakes.
Fygirel guide for years fashion productions and can create these Techpacks as part of the digital development or separate for a specific garment. A Techpack must be clear and orderly, to much information is confusing but when information is missing it can delay a production or gives the wrong execution of the garment manufacturing. Or it makes it necessary to have made more, often expensive, samples, with high shipping costs and import duties. By this reasons a Tech-pack is preferably made by a professional. Normally a Techpack contains at least information about the patterns, seam types,  measurements, sizing, branding, colors and all the materials, like fabrics and trims. This information will be supported by visuals of the garment, in our case generated in digital generated pictures.  

Information in a Techpack explained

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