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Every fashion production starts with good preparation. Fygirel knows how to setup a custom production for your garments. We are doing this digitally and you are involved in this process. Or we will take it off  your hands.  We make clothing patterns, we create your digital realistic fitting samples, photo-realistic pictures, and 3D animations. Evan your trims are part of this digital development. All the information needed for production in a single digital file!

Everything for your fashion production in Visual Techpacks. These Techpacks contain the instructions for your manufacturer. No more endless sampling and fitting. No more complicated information and useless hours for creating that info. No more wasting money, time, and resources.  All you need to do is to approve the PPS for quality before Your production start.

Let us fulfill your production while you are concentrating on your sale strategy or next collection!


Full CMT production 

With Full CMT production, everything needed for your garment must be provided to the producer. You are fully involved in the process in what will be made and used as materials. The producer only cut the fabric, execute the stitching and finishes, and packs the garments. off course you can choose some extra services, like placing embroideries or prints. CMT allows fashion brands to produce smaller quantities.   


Partly CMT production

With partly CMT production you make an agreement with the producer to arrange for you some of the fabrics or trims. Of course the main job for the producer will be the cutting of the fabrics, stitching, and finishing. In partly CMT you stay involved in the process. Also the production quantities can be reduced to lower numbers. 


Partly FFP manufactoring

In partly FFP manufacturing you deliver your patterns and Techpack to the manufacturer. By arrangement, you can deliver your own sourced fabrics and/or trims. In general, these materials are delivered by the manufacturer from unknown sources. In this way of working, you are almost not involved in the process of the execution and the required quantities of garments per style are higher. 


FFP manufactoring

A lot of garment manufacturers are specialized in a type of fabric. They know how to handle these materials and they have the specific machines for it. If this kind of manufacturer fits your type of garment, you only deliver the Techpacks and pattern, everything else will be arranged and delivered by the manufacturer. In this way of working you are not involved in the process of execution and minimum production quantities are high. 


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