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Becomes owner of your own production location

Garment production transition to Europe


Since the beginning of 2020, the world is changed. Difficulties in transport and high prices of cargo make it difficult to get fashion from Asia to Europe.

Uncertainty about whether Asian producers can supply, restrictions in Asia on the production of clothing fabrics, new increased import duties on clothing from Asia, and, last but not least, the rising costs in Asia itself. In addition, many new rules and laws have emerged from the European Union to make the clothing industry less polluting and more transparent. These reasons have already made many clothing brands decide to move their clothing production to Europe. The Dutch company Fygirel and its parent company Sevany Fashion Industry B.V. have experience in guiding fashion companies to the European clothing production industry and setting up Turn-key production locations for them. Your own production location in Eastern Europe can be a good investment to guarantee the new future of fashion for your clothing brand. Fygirel has calculation models to see whether it is profitable to manage your own production location. In addition, it can help in the transition from FOB to CMT production in the current management and design teams of your offices.

If you want to transfer your garment production to Europe with or without your own garment production location, consult us.

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