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Full dressed digital mannequin



We are proud to offer the latest in digital sampling and fitting technology for fashion brands. Our revolutionary 3D technology allows you to create your garment digitally and deliver all the information needed to your apparel producer visually. The possibilities with the digital files created in the digital development process are endless and the biggest benefits are: save time and reduce the carbon footprint of your fashion brand.


With innovative digital sampling and fitting solutions. We offer a complete package of garments, pattern making, and tech packs for garments, all with the convenience of digital technology. With our state-of-the-art digital mannequins, you can have the fittings done digitally without the need for expensive physical samples and time-consuming fitting sessions. And if you want your own digital model, we can easily create one for you based on your body size and posture. With FYGIREL, you can save time and money while still getting the perfect garment every time.

The fittings of the digital garments samples are part of the development process. We understand the need for digital sampling and fit adjustments in today's fashion. With the help of a 3D visualization tool, we are making adjustments and shapes live front of you, to create the fit you wish. Not sure about your colorways? The 3D visualization of your garment will make all colors directly clear. The same goes for the colors and the position of prints and trims. If everything is clear, then we will export the photos of your garment or collection and the sales can start before production. We strive to make the process of digital sampling and fitting as easy and efficient as possible.


Your photorealistic garments will be exported as high-resolution photo files and 3D files. And just like this, your samples are ready to be shared with your agents, and BtoB clients, and published in your webshop or social media.


why digital sampling

Your creativity is the limit

Digital fitting sample

Is is a rotating digital human avatar with blouse and trouser for digital clothing fittings, standing in fitting postition

The digital fitting sample is the first digital realistic photo of your garment, fitted on a digital model. 


5 the same blouses in different colors, 5 colorway samples

still doubting about the colors in your collection. let us make your choice easy

Product photo

Start selling with photorealistic product photos. In high quality perfect for your webshops.

Productphoto of a female blouse with ruffles

Socialmedia photo's

Digital mannequin dressed with digital garments in front of pool

The digitally generated photos are great for Social media content. You chose what we provide!

This photo is 100% digital! 

Detailed photo

Digital created cuff with ruffles

Make an impression about the specs of your garment, and make a high-quality render of every important detail of your garment.

3D Files

Jogging hologram of blouse

When Fygirel has made your garments digital, 3D rendering is possible, which gives endless opportunities for creativity.

Garment animation

Animation highlighting featuresblouse

Fygirel will make animations of your garments, get attention and inform consumers in a special way.

Specific files - WEB3

Unreal Engine logo

On request, a lot of different types of files are available for professionals for example Unreal Engine and many more. With the implementation of 3D files in Google Shopping and  Amazon marketplace, 3D become an important feature.


You are in Step 4 , DIGITAL SAMPLE & FITTING.
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