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Fully movable 3D replica Gant shirt from summer 2003

From original Summer 2003 to replica Summer 2023 



Over the years from the early 90's I have read quite a lot of Gant U.S.A. shirt worn out. Although I can't really say that I have worn them out, because they are almost indestructible. So it's more that I donated them because I got tired of them after a while. As far as Sustainability is concerned, a good score.


Still, I didn't get rid of all these shirts and I still own 20+ number of shirts from that time up to 2010. I don't wear them anymore and I don't have a direct destination for them. I've considered up-cycling some of them to a more contemporary fit with a re-cut. The fabrics are still perfect after all these years, so it could be. Still, I'll keep them as they are for now. They have become classics with their typical button down collars and the box pleat with branded locker loop.


With this in mind and the daily digital creation of new developing garments by me for others, I thought it would be fun to make a digital replica of one of these classics. And, as we always do, as realistic as possible. The fabric and pattern parts have been digitized in detail. Naturally, all labels and stitching have also been included in the digital 3D elaboration of the shirt.


The shirt chosen may not be Gant's most iconic shirt in design. For example, it doesn't have the back-collar button and the collar itself is higher than the Gant normally had in those years. With the Dress Fit, as the shirt itself calls on the label, it is therefore an outsider. At the time it was a slightly tighter fit then the usual regular fit. Still it was an oversized fit and by today's standards it certainly still is. The Pinpoint Oxford fabric with the blue / white Swiss check, that is subtly accentuated by the red vertical and horizontal stripe, makes it a real Gant U.S.A shirt for me, recognizable in style. Specifically Gant U.S.A. because now the U.S.A. is no longer used and the brand only lives under the name Gant.


The shirt that I have chosen from my personal collection comes from the Summer 2003 collection and therefore celebrates its 20th anniversary. Gant always mentioned the season on a label in the garment. That is why I am sure that this shirt is from 2003. I should check if the season is still mentioned, though I don't think so. Unfortunately I don't have a brochure for this season. I still have the inspiring brochures from many other seasons. If anyone has this or has collected it from other years, I'd love to hear about it. It would be nice to see the 2003 collection in the original brochure.

The brochures, that perfectly represent the brand in lifestyle. Nowadays money is no longer spent on such extensive brochures with quality photos as marketing for the brand. I am convinced that this will return soon because these atmospheric photos can be made fully digitally in existing and non-existing 3D environments, but fully photorealistic. Even animated. This is the format to the Metaverse, technically WEB3.0 and perhaps we all come already into contact with this more often than we realize. For this it is necessary to have your garments, as a clothing brand, available in 3D. By the way something that I can take care of.


This about the replica of the Gant U.S.A. shirt in the Pinpoint Oxford Dress Fit from the Summer 2003 collection. Do you want to experience the shirt in AR, click on the "view in AR" button and scan the QR code.  

With special thanks for VNTANA, for 3D optimization and deployment.


Disclaimer: I would like to add that all rights including the intellectual property of the garment pattern rest entirely with Gant U.S.A. or their current owners. Neither I nor Sevany Fashion Industry B.V. can derive rights from this garment pattern and the garment pattern will not be used for purposes other than the digital replica.

Jaap Zoon

Co-owner Sevany Fashion Industry B.V. (


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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